Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lake Munmorah Residential Resort?

Lake Munmorah Residential Resort is the ultimate in retirement living for discerning over 50s retirees. Our quality homes are set amongst 7 acres of recreational area and manicured gardens, on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW. Our homes are quality free standing steel-framed residences that have been designed to offer style, function and a low maintenance lifestyle. Our residents have access to fully maintained amenities as part of their residential resort experience.

Do I own my home?

Yes, you are the outright homeowner while also enjoying the benefits of leasing the land upon which your home is situated.

What are the advantages of owning my home, but renting my property?

At Lake Munmorah Residential Resort, residents own their homes and rent their land site from the resort owner. The many advantages of this structure include lower initial purchase price, NO stamp duty, NO body corporate fees and NO Council general rates. Many residents will qualify for government rent assistance to reduce the fortnightly fees for land rental. This is a modern day approach to retirement living and frees up your time and money for some of life’s other great adventures.

Does this model of living make financial sense?

This modern day approach to retirement living allows you to retire in a luxury resort style environment that still makes solid financial sense. By owning your home you can retain an investment that can grow in value, just like traditional real estate, but with NO exit fees and NO deferred management fees. By renting the land, you can lower your initial purchase price and, in many cases, qualify for government rent assistance. You can also access a wide array of superb amenities that are maintained by management. This model strikes an excellent balance between luxury, quality and financial sense.

Do I have full home ownership when I purchase at the resort?

Yes! When a house is purchased at our resort, the buyer has full ownership of the home, including retaining all profits if you choose to sell.

What measures are in place to protect my security of tenure (my right to stay on the land)?

Your right to occupy your land is secure, and the site agreement is protected by NSW State Government legislation (under the Residential (Land Lease) Communities Act 2013). This legislation was created by the Government to ensure residents’ interests are PROTECTED and SECURE. Furthermore, Lake Munmorah Residential Resort has a unique additional term to the mandated government requirements, providing an extra layer of security for our homeowners.Essentially, the park owner cannot terminate the lease unless the resident makes a major or consistent breach of the lease, and then, only if the tribunal makes such an order. Otherwise, you have the right to stay permanently.

Where can I read more about the legislation?

The Department of Fair Trading administers the laws which set out the rights and responsibilities of residents and Residential Community owners. Further details and fact sheets explaining the laws are available online from the Department of Fair Trading.

What security measures are in place?

Lake Munmorah Residential Resort is a secure community with full fencing and entry via electronic gates and an intercom system for guests. The resort has an onsite manager who lives on the property to keep a watchful eye on the resort. No resident has ever had to endure the frightening experience of a home invasion or home break-in at our resort.

Are there any exit fees or deferred management fees when I sell my home?

No! Unlike most retirement villages on the market, we do NOT have any exit fees or deferred management fees. When you sell your home you can conduct the sale yourself, elect to use your real estate agent or enlist the help of one of our highly trained sales professionals (who charge an industry standard commission fee).

Do I retain all the capital when I sell my property?

Yes, all capital is retained by the homeowner on resale (minus any commission fees if you elect to enlist professional sales help). Lake Munmorah Residential Resort also has an optional, in-house service to help you resell your home in the future.

Will the resort owner buy back my home in the future?

No, the resort owner does not buy back any properties.

Do I own the land that my home sits on?

No, the land is owned and maintained by the resort owner and fees are paid fortnightly. This is why the prices are so affordable and remember you have an unrivalled security of tenure by the addition of our unique protection clause. You have the added benefits of NO stamp duty, body corporate dues, or Council general rates. The homeowner’s right to occupy the land is protected with a contractual Site Agreement and NSW Fair Trading administers the laws that cover your tenancy of the land.

Do I pay stamp duty on my initial purchase?

No. Stamp duty is a land tax and is therefore not applicable to your home purchase.

What is a weekly site fee and what does it cover?

The weekly fee is paid fortnightly and covers rent for your land, the security of onsite management and general resort maintenance including landscaping throughout the resort and maintenance of your front yard. The fee also covers the use, maintenance and running costs of all amenities including the heated indoor pool all year round, outdoor pool, state-of-the-art gym, lawn bowling green, luxury clubhouse, tennis court, golf practice facility, wood workshop and scheduled shopping trips on the resort bus. The fee also includes the cost of weekly garbage bin collection for recycling and general waste. Fees are payable fortnightly, via direct debit.

Can I receive Government assistance to offset my weekly site fees?

Many of our residents are eligible for rental assistance on site fees (rent), in particular, those who receive the pension or Veterans Affairs payments. Please consult to check your eligibility and ask your sales consultant for more information.

What type of contract do I enter into when I buy a home?

The contract to buy the home (chattel) is between the current home owner (vendor) and you, the purchaser. Legal consultation isn’t a requirement, although you can seek advice if you choose. Additionally, you will sign a Residential Site Agreement to occupy your site.

What is a Residential Site Agreement?

A Residential Site Agreement is an agreement between the owner of the resort and the homeowner, based on the NSW statutory form which secures your occupancy of the land on which your house sits. It also gives the homeowner use of the community areas and amenities, including our superb clubhouse.

Are there rules that need to be adhered to at the resort?

Yes, in the interest of harmony and neighbourly courtesy, our Community Rules govern a wide range of matters such as noise, pets and use of the amenities, ensuring everyone’s experience at the resort is respected.

Can I be evicted from my site?

If a resident makes a major or continual breach of the terms of the agreement, the resort owner has the right to issue a termination notice. This action is reserved for extreme circumstances and Lake Munmorah Residential Resort may then only evict with an order from the NSW Civil Administrative Tribunal to ensure a fair decision is adjudicated. To date, LMRR has never had to issue such a notice.

Can I have pets?

Yes, however, to create a serene environment for all of our residents, we do have rules in place for pet owners. Your well-behaved pet is most welcome with written permission from management. To ensure harmony within the resort, management does enforce strict rules. Please ask your sales consultant about specific allowances and guidelines.

How many permanent residents may stay in one home?

Our site agreement allows for a maximum of 2 permanent residents per home.

This promotes harmony in the resort and ensures that amenities aren’t overrun.

Can I have visitors stay?

Yes, visitors are permitted to stay for up to 30 consecutive days, with a maximum 60 days per year.

What ongoing expenses am I responsible for?

Residents are responsible for the fortnightly fee and personal utility expenses including electricity, water and sewer, telephone and internet usage. Water, sewer and electricity usage are separately metered, so you pay only for what your household uses.Public risk and household insurance are the responsibility of the homeowner, as is general maintenance and upkeep of your home. Residents are NOT responsible for stamp duty, body corporate dues, exit fees or Council general rates.

How is Lake Munmorah Residential Resort different from a retirement village?

We are far more affordable than a retirement village, and our residents live independently in their own large and modern home. Many retirees are looking to downsize their homes, but have also become accustomed to living in their larger spaces. Lake Munmorah Residential Resort is a lifestyle choice for like-minded people seeking a strong sense of security and community, yet with the ability to retreat to your spacious home that is complete with a private, low maintenance courtyard, terrace or garden. Our clubhouse is designed to be an extension of your home with a library, computers, printing and scanning facilities, luxury theatre room, dining room and bar to gather with friends and neighbours for socialising. There is always something happening at the resort, and there is a myriad of social and sporting activities organised by fellow residents. We are independent living for the over 50’s. Unlike a retirement village, there are no exit fees at our Resort.

How large are the homes?

We are often complimented on how spacious our homes are. All homes have an open plan design with distinct living and dining areas plus a multi-purpose room with flexibility in use. All models include a separate laundry, generous robes to bedrooms, linen press and a functional, modern kitchen. All homes come with an attached garage or carport with internal entrance, and choices of a double garage, single garage or the popular one-and-a-half garage for a single car and additional storage or workbench.

How large are the sites?

The sites are on average 50% larger than those in other local communities. They are designed to minimise the amount of time spent up-keeping your garden and feature privacy fencing and access to your private outdoor retreat. Many of the house plans feature terraces that flow to garden areas, for those who have a green thumb and enjoy outdoor summer dining. Other homeowners are travellers and prefer to ‘lock up and go’, and are best -suited to our models that feature a private courtyard without the hassle of an extensive garden. Talk to a sales consultant today about an option that suits your lifestyle.

Can I include my home in my will?

Yes. Your home is your asset and forms part of your estate.

Is there an age requirement to live at the resort and do I have to be retired?

Lake Munmorah Residential Resort has been specifically designed to meet the needs and interests of the active, independent over 50’s population. At least one resident must be over 50 years of age to be eligible to purchase, and you need not be retired.

What facilities are available for the delivery of my mail?

Each resident has a secure private mailbox.

Is there caravan and boat storage on-site?

Yes, we provide an extensive onsite caravan and boat storage area for a small weekly fee of $10 per week, based on availability. Our residents love the peace of mind that their home is in a secure, watched-over neighbourhood when taking off for a trip in their caravan.

Do I maintain my garden?

Our in-house gardening team maintains all front gardens, leaving residents more time to enjoy the very best that Lake Munmorah and the resort have to offer. The rear yard and terrace are maintained by the homeowner, allowing for privacy and the ability to personalise your backyard retreat. For those with a green thumb, the community garden is perfect for sprouting home-grown herbs and vegetables, while enjoying the social aspect of gardening.

Do you have houses available now?

Yes. We have a selection of 2 or 3 bedroom homes with single or double garages, ready to inspect. Please contact our friendly consultant, Evelyn Thom, to arrange an appointment.

Can I alter or add to my home in the future?

You can make exterior alterations or additions to your home with the consent of management, and if required, local Council approval.

Can I participate in any resident-led clubs, organisations, committees and groups?

We encourage our residents to lead a socially fulfilled lifestyle, and while it’s not mandatory to participate in groups and committees, we find that our residents enjoy the companionship and fitness developed through this style of interaction. Our amenities have been designed to promote all kinds of clubs including community gardening, aqua aerobics, resident-led dinners, reading clubs, walking groups, billiards tournaments and bowls days - just to name a few!

Will you care for my home while I’m away?

The onsite Manager at the resort will always keep a watchful eye on the community, as well as take care of front yard maintenance all year round. Lake Munmorah Residential Resort is an independent living community, and for liability reasons, we are unable to enter your home while you are away. However, our residents are quick to find like-minded friends within the resort who are more than happy to help out a neighbour while they’re away.

Will I find companionship at Lake Munmorah Residential Resort?

Absolutely! Our resort will attract a broad range of people who have relocated locally and from all over Australia, who no longer wish to maintain a large home and garden. It’s the perfect solution for those looking to downsize, free up spare time and dramatically improve your lifestyle. Whether you are retired, still working, married or single, you will find a strong sense of community and security with like-minded people at Lake Munmorah Residential Resort. There is always something happening at Lake Munmorah Residential Resort, and you will be able to choose from a myriad of social and sporting activities organised by fellow residents. The biggest problem you’ll face is finding the time to fit it all in! And remember, you can be involved as little or as much as you like.

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